My lazy, sassy omelette!

So yesterday although it was a really nice day, I was feeling really tired so I spent most of the day in bed. This is the result of working on a paper for 2 weeks..
Apart from the cake described in my previous post I had not eaten anything..
That of course is totally not me, so the moment I felt courage raising in my heart I stepped out of the bed and headed to the kitchen.

I did not have so many products at home, but I was too lazy to go grocery shopping. I decided to make an omelette, which tends to be my ”i don’t know what to cook” food! Image
did not have so many products at home, but I was too lazy to go grocery shopping. I decided to make an omelette, which tends to be my ”i don’t know what to cook” food! I had spinach and mushrooms and this amazing danish cheese so I combined all in a pan with some butter. My secret ingredient here is garlic! I don’t know what it is with it, but it turns the simplest thing into food delight!

Although I do not really like omelettes, I have to admit that one was great! The combination of spinach and mushrooms, give always the best results, especially in pies.

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Sun, coffee and Hindbærsnitte..

Today, I had the privilege to enjoy a nice spring morning in Copenhagen. It is not often that I spend my morning downtown, but today I did! The weather is so nice these days, although some snow is expected in the weekend. It should be reminded that it is spring, but that is not the case in Scandinavia.



I really enjoy the cold though.. Another privilege I had today, was to taste a local cake, that goes by the name of Hindbærnitte. 



That pastry is actually, a sandwich of crumbling butter dough with some raspberry jam. It was delicious! Not to mention that when it accompanied by coffee, there is not much more to ask for than being healthy in order to be able to have as many of these as you want.. 

From my experience so far I can tell one thing; nordic people don’t use so much sugar as people in southern Europe. Well, that cake made me reconsider that opinion. It was really sweet and actually one of the biggest pieces I have ever had. Local people know the places apparently, so I let myself follow their guidance. 

The small cafe in the center, full of danish delicacies gave me the impression that something important was about to happen before I entered! God bless Hindbærsnitte.

A nice recipe I obtained from a true dane follows:


375 gram flour (3 1/3 cup flour)

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

125 gram confectioners sugar (1 1/4 cup)

40 gram egg (1 large egg)

250 gram butter 

1 – 1 1/2 cup seedless raspberry preserves

For glaze:

2 cups confectioners sugar

2-3 tablespoons cold water

After the dough is prepared, it has to be baked in 220 C preheat oven. The two pieces of dough have to be baked for 10 minutes, before the jam is added.

Use some sprinkles for decoration and it is ready to be admired and then consumed.

 I haven’t made one myself yet, but I have clearly written down every step, although it is not that difficult to make it. In case of questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! This pastry is worth your effort!

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Multi-temperature salad!

Multi-temperature salad!

So I wanted to make a salad. I eat vegetables in many different ways; cooked, grilled, raw, even fried. What I like about them is the different textures when combined.
I have realised that the best ideas come to me, when I am really tired but hungry. I am a trained opera singer so expressing myself in many ways has always been the case for me. However, cooking is more than expressing myself..additionally it is satisfying my needs.
In a moment of hunger and tiredness, my creativity worked in a way that satisfaction achieved in different ways.. First of all, the taste of the salad was amazing, but my excitement reached a new level. So this is what all this fuss is about.
The main ingredients are not so special. Avocado, carrots, iceberg, some bread, lemon juice and some salmon. The various temperatures present though made the difference. This is how i did it.
In a hot pan I put some avocado because I wanted the oils of it to be warmed up. The avocado was then places on the plate. Some nice bread then added on the pan. That produced some sort of croutons. Then chunks of iceberg added in the pan and then small fillets of salmon.
By the time that the salmon was ready, the bread and the avocado were cold. That was done on purpose. The iceberg was warm and salmon was hot. Then came the carrot.. Grated! on top of all these ingredients lemon juice was poured!

The first bite was a combination of different tastes, smells, temperature and textures.

Absolutely amazing!

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My mom’s Chickpeas!

My mom's Chickpeas!

My mom is always really stressful when it comes to me cook legumes! She usually says that I should include them in my diet more often. To be honest, I am not a huge fun of them, but I know about their benefits, so I follow mom’s order.
When she came to visit me in Denmark, she brought a bag with various legumes. Those chickpeas were in there too!
So I cooked them few days ago. It is true that it requires a lot of preparation, but I think the result worthwhile.
The greek edition pictures here is the following.
They are boiled with the addition of extra virgin olive oil. When they are cooked, lemon juice is added, which makes every food delicious!
I added some creme fraiche, to make it a bit minimal and because I like some extra acidity.

Needless to mention that my mom was pleased!

I was wondering if there is any way of cooking them. I hope something pops up 😉

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Rugbrød or the national bread of Denmark!

Rugbrød or the national bread of Denmark!

From my travelling I have noticed one thing when it comes to food. Every country loves bread. The uses of bread or as many as the ideas that somebody can have. It can be used as it is with some honey or cheese, or jam or whatever comes to mind. It can be used in puddings, to create some sort of pizza, in salads. The uses are unlimited if you ask me. I have to admit that I am a bread lover. In Southern Europe white bread is preferred, while in the Northern parts of the continent dark breads are favoured.
Before I came to Denmark I had heard about Rugbrød or Rye bread, which is the national bread here. I couldn’t have thought how obsessed danes are with it. It is the main ingredient to make open sandwiches or smørebrød as they call them here.
I wasn’t really familiar with that type of bread before but of course now that consists one of the rules in diet. There are many different options when it comes to bread in Denmark. Most of the kinds are wholegrain . Different seeds are used, from wheat to poppy seeds.
The benefits for health are more compared to white bread. That is probably the reason why, in Scandinavia, Germany and other Northern countries, white bread is supposed to be unhealthy.
That was so surprising to me when I first heard about it, that even now I discuss about bread-related issues with my Nordic friends. One of them told me that white bread is low on nutritional value that it is usually consumed on special days or family gathering, because it is then when people are allowed to indulge themselves in some unhealthy food.

To be honest I love white bread! I love dark bread too! That is probably why there are at least 4 different types of bread in my kitchen 😉

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A humble request.

Dear Readers,

I would be pleased, if you liked the pages just created on facebook in support of this blog. Furthermore, I would appreciate your comments, in order to exchange some opinions about topics I am interested in.

Thank you very much for the time you spend on my blog!

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My little corner of the world..

My little corner on the world..

So here is another obsession I have..It goes by the name of gardening. Since I was really young I had my own place in the garden, that my mother would let me plant anything I’d like. I definitely like flowers, especially the wild ones, but I really love herbs. For that reason, everywhere I had been, I had a little corner or a balcony in some case, where I grew my own herbs.
This is the case of Copenhagen. There are several small plants in the house, primarily herbs like basil. I like them, not only because they can be used in cooking, but also because of their shapes and smell. There is nothing more surprising, than touching basil accidentally! The smell is so strong,spicy and fresh that always distracts me, even when I am busy making other plans.
These plans, although now healthy due to the lack of time, are small presents from a friend of mine. We went to buy some stuff from IKEA and she wanted to thank me. I started paying full attention to the in the beginning but now they don’t look so healthy.
Oh well, I have some time now, so I will just try to treat them right..

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