A less famous greek salad.

A less famous greek salad.

In Greece, salad recipes abound in the cookbooks. One of the many traditional ingredients are lentils. In the old days, people used to combine them with rice, creating a nice meal that most of the times would consist the main course.

I tried to create an alternative recipe today, keeping alive the greek utterance of the dish.

The ingredients are the following:
lentils, rice, peppers, cucumber, fresh celery, salt, paprika, olive oil and vinegar.

Everything apart of the lentils and the rice are raw, that is why this dish is probably a salad.

To be honest, it was the first time I prepared it, given that I am not the biggest fan of lentils. I told my mom and she praised my health eating habits!

What always amazes me is, that as long as olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice is added in a food, the taste is so familiarly greek that makes even the cold Copenhagen feel like my warm hometown..



About souliotisio

Student in CPH, Denmark. 23 years old.. A happy person when I am close to food,family and friends..
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