My favorite things..

My favorite things..

I am not gonna write about cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels, but vegetables again. Just came back from a trip in Berlin,Germany. I went out a lot and I tried few things I haven’t before, but I felt kind of deprived of vegetables. It is not that my friends do not eat them, but because we were walking the whole day. So now that I am back, I decided to compensate my past self, giving him plenty of vegetables.
I like broccoli and cauliflower and of course I love carrots.. I love all of them so I though of combining them today.
My mother, who is greek and she adds tomato sauce to everything, called me so in order to honour her and due to some lack of imagination I added some tomato sauce as well.
Since I consider myself rebellious, I also added some lemon juice for the sake of being so!
I forgot to mention that the veggies were slightly boiled but they were finished in a pan were same garlic and nice mushrooms had already been slightly fried.
The special thing about dishes like that is, that they are some sort of salad and some sort of sauce at the same time, so they can easily be combined with some past or rice and BAM! you have a new dish!


About souliotisio

Student in CPH, Denmark. 23 years old.. A happy person when I am close to food,family and friends..
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